Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm sickums and of course I hate it. I woke up Saturday with a really bad sore throat, so since I knew there was no way I should go into work with this and spread it...I called the doctor to have a strep test becuz Steph had strep the last time I was home. They took 2 swabs and gave me antibiotic to start taking soooo there goes my two last days of work before break. ugh...better that way than me there tho...I'd be pissed if I knew someone back home came to work like this a spread it to my G-ma.
So I've been chillin' at the apt attempting to pack and clean my room...and it's just not happening. I have nooooo energy and now it's snowy out so I should wait to drive home til tomorrow. Well I hope you all are having a good break...once the 23rd gets here I'll be very happy! :) Happy Holidays ya'll!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How's your day going?

Woke up at 6 without my alarm...that's ready...brushed off my car and drove Jodi n I to our HRI 380...Finished final at 7:54...took Orange 23 bus to commuter lot...decided to go to Panera and get my "free" latte...Not so free because I then got in a minor car accident with a bitchy 59 year old lady...who ruined my day! It was an accident! straight up! Had she NOT laid on her horn I would have clearly made it into the lane in front of her and been on my way but she did and I panicked...breaks went on and smash...O how I hate that sound! I get out to ask her if she's ok...she's already on the phone with the cops not talking to me...then she turns and says "I'm going to be late for my Doctors appt." I apologized up and down trying to be nice...she turns to me again and says "I was honking....didn't you hear me OR WAS YOUR MUSIC TO LOUD?" I about died right there...I know I don't look 23 but r u fucking kidding me! I looked at her and said "NO I WASN'T!" and got in my car to wait for the cop (which was very lovely and nice!) Anyway the accident was $300 damage that's what she was mad about...I officially have changed my views on the elderly...Screw you! if you are going to be a bitter old person then go ahead and be bitter and die by yourself in a nursing home becuz nobody will come visit you becuz ur a jerk! I would have totally understood if there wasn't snow...I totally cut her off on purpose...of if I was snotty to her but I wasn't. She even turned to the cop and complained about the doctors and he didn't even want to deal with her. The only little bit of karma she had was that even tho she was free to leave she COULDN'T becuz I had her blocked in while the cop talked to me for 10 mins! HA!
So I got home finally had to practice a presentation for about 30 mins. Showered...running B gave me a ride back to campus becuz I really didn't want to drive...I go to get out of his car AND all the snow from the top of the door falls on me...B just says "Soooo how's ur day going?" Laughed it off...that was the icing on the cake! Wiped off the snow and went on to my presentation I had to give. Got there and we are now told our teacher that is 10 mins late isn't going to make it until 1pm because she has gotten into an accident too! Glad to see I wasn't the only one today! Kinda made me a little happy inside...once I found out she was ok!
So if you think you've had a bad day come join me tonight for some hardcore relaxation! I hope your day was better than mine and if you went to class and made it home safely then it had to have been! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Finals A'here!

Yes finals are definitely here becuz it's 7:40 and I'm at the library on a Monday morning! My only relief if the Raspberry-White Mocha Coffee I got from the hub before the library even opened. I feel like this is exactly how my finals week is going to go....little sleep and little relieves here n there. O well it's one week of my life and then it's break time.
I'm really looking forward to break becuz of the casino on my birthday. I haven't been to a casino yet...yes I know I'm going to me 23 WTF?! Right?....anyway I'm stoked! Birthday the 23rd...Family x-mas the 24th...working on the 25th...then noooooothing!
I suppose I should talk about this weekend (which obviously begins on thursday night). Thursday night was a lota fun in a little package! I started at Welch Ave to see some of the guys like Cale Grant and Tyler becuz they were with B. Long story there if ya wanna here I'd be gald to chat it up in person. :) Then I went to Jake's which was really nice. Adam and Jake are hilarious and great guys! Megan met up with us at Jake's....that reminds me I still have her coat....then we left for Mickey's becuz you know who was there. Yes...the one and only Kelly! We saw here and met up with Ashley at Mickey's then as Jake put it "Our cue to go" came and we left for obviously get our dance on. Sips was of course not ready for us so we chilled in a booth and got some drinks...B and his guys were there and also my long lost roommate from 2 years ago...Bryn! It was awesome seeing her! I miss her! Anyway Kelly got to sips and started the party becuz as she so wonderfully put it "It's my birthday and I'm going to DANCE!" So we dance with her which was fun...Megan kept telling me she's too white to dance or needs another drink first! :) That made me giggle a lot! Had a shot with Kelly for her B-day...Washington Apples will getcha I guess. I decided it was time to wrap up my night so I left the dancing to Jake and went to say Bye to Bryn and the girls at Outlaws. Cale was still out and ready to drive home being the responsible person he is, so I got a ride home. All in all a fun and crazy night! Definitely should keep up the going out on Thursdays...and since I figure your going to be reading this Jake I'm talking to you! (and Zach n Julianne...where were you two last Thrusday? missed ya!) Anyway this semester has been a big change for me and I'm more than ready to keep the changes coming! Becoming myself has been a great process and I'm not ready to stop now!

Favorite quote (at the moment): You can spend your time on stage pleasing the heckler in the back, or you can devote it to the audience that came to hear you perform. -Seth Godin, Linchpin (good book by the way)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree

O yes the holidays are here! It's official only becuz I finally put up my tree yesterday instead of writing my paper for class. Yes procrastination at it's best! That was how productive I was this weekend actually. I put the tree up and made PB cookies before going to work. I attempted to go out last night but it was apparently dead week already and a little early so it was an early night last night.
I do need to start x-mas shopping tho...I'm sure my family would appreciate it. :)
Well enough procrastination for tonight!

O ya 18 more days until my Golden Birthday! Super excited found out mom's taking me to a casino yay!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nucking Futz...Black Friday

Holy crapazoli!! I decided to drive home Thursday after work and got to Oelwein around 9ish. Then decided to go shopping at 3am with mom and grandpa. Since I knew that when I got home I decided to just stay up...I tried to lay down a couple of times and wasn't tired enough or knew I would pass out and have to get up in 30 mins! So 3:30 came g-pa pulled up and my n mom jumped in! Off to waterloo we Walmart first. We get to Walmart and of course they're a crock of poop and gave their tickets for items out before 5am or put out their 30 waffle makers before 5am. So I waited next to 2 portable DVD players for 20 mins then decided I needed one since I stood there for that long (no i don't need one!) and walked away with 3of them and a travel bag for me! Wheew this aggressive shopping thing brings out the worst in me! Walmart was done and lame so off to Menards where I stood outside in line for 38 mins...20 of which were spent in just a sweatshirt until mom got outta the car and brought me my coat...ya I was a little excited! Menards was NUTS it was a legit free for all! IT WAS AWESOME!! So of course I'm the type of person that gets all anxious in large groups of people and I'm claustrophobic so I'm moving pretty quickly to get our stuff together and get the heck outta there. Yep we finally find the line for the check out...Pretty sure we budged a little to get in it. We wound our way all the way back and forth through the store until about an hour later we were outta there! Now the sun was up and it was about 7:20.
We drove through Mcdees and got home around 8:15. I got in my jammies took out my contacts and passed the fuck out! Woke up around 1pm along with Steph who just went to Pamida in town with dad for a few things at 6am and was asleep by 7am. We got up and she wanted to workout so we went to the wellness center and ran, did some crunches, and I even got to shoot some hoops! That felt pretty good and made me miss playing basketball! :(
It was nice being home Steph went with me later to eat with Grandma which was nice. Slept with Steph and about died becuz her heater was on like over 70 degrees which meant that mixed with our sleeping bodies heating the room made it like feel like 112 degrees in there!! Woke up at 7am and about died of heat exhaustion. Slept in mom's room from 9:30-11 then finally got up today. Got ready and went and saw Steph working n g-ma at the same time kinda nice how that works out. Left with mom and dad for waterloo around 1 today and ate at Wendy's with them. Drove back to Ames and got here 20 mins before I had to work...perfect timing.
Now I'm procrastinating my homework even more by writing this which took longer than it should i'm tired and work at 6:30am tomorrow so Nuh-nite people!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Not-so-Break

This so called break isn't really a break for me. Yes there isn’t any classes but I’m still working a lot and am unable to go home becuz of it! My extended family only gets together 3 times a year…Easter, Thanksgiving, and X-mas. So of course I’m a little sad by this. I’m not quiet sure if everyone will be there this year tho. My cousins are getting older and starting their own families so pretty soon we will probably not be having the holidays with my extended family. This crazy to think of to me even tho all my cousins are around their 30’s (but just got married). There are 5 cousins on my mom’s O’Hara side, 3 Hemesath boys and 2 O’Hara boys. The 3 Hemesath boy are NOW all married (two just this last summer) and the O’Hara boys have promising girlfriends. Brian is the oldest Hemesath boy and he has a daughter, Olivia, that will be one in January. This is my grandparents first great grandbaby.

I feel that we still get together as a big family becuz of my grandparents. If it was their choice we would get together for everything. The Hemesath family lives in Hudson, the O’Hara’s in Waterloo (close to Hudson actually) and our family still lives in Oelwein with my grandparents. This is why to me they are like second parents. Wow I should just stop now or I will be going on forever about my grandparents. Here just a little about them they just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on October 24th. They dated since age 16 tho so really they’ve been together for over 60 years. Crazy, yet my parents are the same way. Dated at age 16 and celebrated their 26th anniversary on October 26th. Yep see why there a little pressure to try and make it work with my ex boyfriend of 6 years!! Also my little sister is dating her boyfriend (which they are the exact months apart me and B are apart) and they’ve been together for almost 2 years now. Now that’s crazy! Anyway…

I’m usually the person that goes home asap and want to spend as much time with my family especially my grandparents and yet I’m stuck here alllllllll of break and it’s not looking promising to make it home before school is done for the semester. I feel as if I might be taking a few days off and hauling it home to make up some lost time on this break! J Well hopefully you are all having a lovely break and come back ready for finals becuz I know I am already!

Holy Crap What a Day!!

If you are in tearoom then you know what day I am talking about in my title. Yes this is of course last Thursday!! I went from zero to 10 in about 2 seconds I think about 200 times that day. Let me recap for you.....

That morning I'm riding the bus with my lovely roommate Jodi and we had to wait for the train so the bus had to go a different way to make up the time. Not worried about being late for the 380 test...I feel it is impossible to be late for that class...Anyway!

Get to class feeling pretty confident take my test...of course the second one done...i kinda hate being such a fast test taker yet I have developed a bad habit that once more than like 3 people finish before me i tend to freak out and go faster even tho I wasn't intentionally going fast in the first place! Ugh!! So the test went fine scored ok all was good....

After class I went downstairs as usual and ate my yogurt and granola and chatted it up...Maggie came by to get ready for class and was talking to me about the certification exam I have in HRI 101 so I turned to her and said yep all I need is a pencil and this sheet (as I opened the book to show her the scantron sheet I would need)..FREAK OUT MODE---IT'S NOT THERE! Yep I'm panicking already because I have only taken the book two places besides the class and my apt and have never even touched it becuz I was scared to lose it! So trying to stay level headed I'm just like o the book store will have new books I'll just buy a new one in the HOUR break I have before the test.

So in tearoom I’m a little hazey and confused all day becuz I’m thinking of that stupid piece of paper I don’t have. Zach, noticing that I’m in that funk, keeps telling me it’ll be fine stop worrying and cheer up. I did cheer up a little bit after I ate my cold food becuz of those stupid pies! My mood did get much better just becuz of that I love food! Anyway…

After tearoom I booked it like hell to the MU and sure enough NOTHING THERE! So over to the campus bookstore with no hope left in me…yep she goes to the used section and I’m like “NO it HAS to be new to have the sheet I NEED!” –“O all we’d have are used ones”. Of course being the emotionally wreck I usually am I just break down right there. Get me bag through the tears and walk out.

I call B to see if he might have found it as his place (One of the two places I had the book attempting to study before the test the night before) and he says no, but will come pick me up to run me home and look for it. It’s now about 1:25 (test at 2:10). He comes we fly home, while I’m bawling my freaking eyes out the whole time!! There’s more to that reason if you want to know you can ask me in person. So we get here and run in the apt and are looking for 2 second and B goes “OMG! I saw a bubble sheet somewhere the other day….” Me-“WHERE THE HELL IS IT??!!” B-“In my living room!” So it now being 1:45 I’m freaking out. We call Cale his old roommate from 2 years ago that now lives across the hall and he not only goes in and finds it…He DROVE it to the MU to us and then B drove me around campus and I walked it to take my test at 2:08! HOLY CRAP! What a freaking day!! My eyes are so sore I feel like I had been hit by a bus and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep the rest of the day away!

Well I went home got in some jammies put on a blanket and my snuggie and took a nap! I didn’t want to move the rest of the day in fear of something else going wrong!!

So for all of you wondering Yes, I got my sheet and took my test! Now I hope I freaking passed it after all that!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Lately I have been frustrated. I don't have an exact reason or purpose for my frustration I just am. I have never had a day where I didn't want to talk to people and I had one of those days on monday. Well maybe it's because I don't get to celebrate any Thanksgiving with my family because I have to work. I know this make me frustrated but ya.
Well I know I should write more yet I'm not in the mood much any more. G'nite! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am officially CPR Certified thanks to my job. :) At first I was the only one taking the class and then Kyrstle showed up which was nice becuz I already know her and it wasn't as awkward when we had to practice the choking procedures on each other. At least it flew by in 2 hours instead of 3 and I'm am done with it.
Tearoom was uneventful today but I'm sure it's becuz I was a table server. WAIT I lied we made up the 12 days of Tearoom song!! It goes as follows:

12-Monster Cookies
11-Lemon Wedges
10- Naked Flavors
9- Broken Teapots
8- Table servers
7- Preset Salads
6- People at a table
4- K-preps
3- Sanitors
2- Merit Workers
1-Well this ones a little for the customers they will hear--And a Charlie Brown Dessert Buffet...Us in the class will secretly be singing something a lot less nice!!
I guess we were pretty productive before the doors opened.

Well not much left to say today hope I can get all my homework done!! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Like I stated when I started this again I am terrible at keeping up with this blogging thing! :) SO as usual a lot has happened! This week Steph had her college visit to good ol' ISU!! She got to experince the nicest people in the world here at ISU the same way I did when I used to visit B before I became an actual student here. We drove to the commuter lot and got on the 23 orange to Mackay so I could finish my Maitre d'Hotel packet and she could write her comp. paper. We get of at Mackay and as soon as we step foot on the curb by Mackay Steph says "my phone!" and then we turn and watch the bus pull away. AWESOME! She's half expecting me to go running after it which isn't happening, but being the good sister I am I call Cyride and tell them that the bus that's now pry at the library should have a lost blackberry on it. They told me to call back later and see if anybody turns it in. SO for the next hour n a half all i hear about is how Steph's life is on that phone and she isn't going to be able to live without it...while i'm writing my summary for my packet and finishing up costing with Ashley. She's all distraught and complaining until she gets a text on my phone from her friend back home that says "someone has steph's phone and she needs to call it to get it back". Now she's thrilled and I of course call whoever has it and they are in the dorms on campus and will bring the phone to Mackay for her. Then it hit Steph that her phone was completely dead to the point it wouldn't turn on and would have had to be charged to make the phone calls she did! So some girl found her phone either had the same charger or found someone that did and charged it to find the owner! HOW AWESOME!! So that pretty much sold my little sister on how nice people can be here at ISU and she should totally come here. I told here that is what sold me on my decision. I lost my phone here once and didn't know it until my dad was calling my bf to tell me to call someone to get it back! People can be so nice sometimes!

Big Change for me is......I now have a ROOMMATE!! Hell yeeeaa! Jodi as moved in and I'm happy! :) Now it's getting used to having a roommate...No more walking around in my underwear! :D

Well now that I've said that I'll leave you with that scarring image! ;)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Much Has Happened

I have come to the conclusion that Thursday nights are the best night of the week! :) Last Thursday night I went out with some members of the Tearoom Family! It was great! I don't even have words to describe it actually...FUN...just pretty much sums it up all around! I even told myself you pry won't be out late so you can get a good nights sleep and....then the night happened, pretty soon it's 4am! Yep! Woke up at 7am went to class 8am to 10am. Cashed a check with B...packed my sutff...and drove home!
Being home was wonderful! I haven't been home since classes started so it was nice to be back. While back actually I was going through some old tubs and cleaning out the stuff I don't need to keep anymore. It was definitely a trip down memory lane looking at all my old stuff. Threw out a bunch of stuff I didn't need for sure as well! Seeing Steph was great! I wish my little sister lived with me right now! I miss her all the time. She's my backbone and my best friend...what more could you ask for in a sister!! I went out to Sam's with her and him and there was the cutest little kitten there!! I wanted to take him BUT i can't have pets!! Booo! So I named him Malley and had to put him back in Sam's barn.

I saw an old classmate today before coming home. It was nice seeing Jewels becuz we got to catch up a little. She recently got engaged and her ring is BEAUTIFUL...OMG!! He did a goooooood freakin' job! I'm so happy for her! :)

Last but not least my mom and I made Mulligan Stew!! Amazing! If you are Irish you might know what I'm talking about. If not, it is a meat and veggie stew (yes that basic). We ended up canning a lot of it today and I got to take a BIG ass bowl home today. I put some in my freezer but I have a feeling it won't last long! I love it and could eat it at every meal! So good!

Well I do have homework and am very tired so I should get back to that so I can get to bed sometime tonight!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On My Mind

Well time is just flying by! It's already Wednesday night! Yay! I'm am so excited for the weekend because I am going home!! I haven't been home since school has started which means I haven't actually been home in a little over 2 months! That's crazy because if i could I would go home every other weekend just to say hi! I'm glad tho that we had my cousins wedding in September so I got to see them at least!

Tomorrow I am the Maitre d' Hotel in tearoom and I'm kinda nervous because I hate serving AND I'm scared I will freak out on the little helper lady because when you understand what you're doing you don't want to be told to do something seconds before you were just going to do it! Wheeew! Anyway...on another note this merchandising class will be the death of me! Fashion majors are waaaaaaay to stuck up for my taste! Just sayin'!

So me n B are in limbo pretty much...we both know we'll never work as of right now, but we still love each other and don't know life without the other one! Yep confusing I know!! :)

Well since I have touched on about everything going through my head right now, I better get to printing off my packed for tomorrow!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ridin' Solo

Just a few thoughts for today. I guess when I started this blog I thought it might be a good idea to help me deal with being by myself for the first time since high school! Yes that's right high school. In August my boyfriend and I decided to end a six year relationship. We've done it all. Went to different high schools...I went to college--he's in high school...he went to ISU--I'm at Hawkeye Community College...I came to ISU we live with roommates...Moved in together last year...Moved to a 2 bedroom...Now he's Moved out and I'm all alone. At least the break up was mutual and we still talk which is nice in a way. I'm just learning to live my life for just myself for the first time in over 6 years! It has been an experience so far! I hate making people mad, so doing stuff to please other gets a little frustrating.
B has been moved out since September and I still haven't found a roommate! B is still paying the rent and I don't mind living alone I just don't want to deal with him having to pay 2 rents.
I still can't do anything right...I'm trying to move on yet now he's wanting to hang out more. I try to please him still and then when he's mad at me he doesn't have to talk to me. I'm at the crap end of the pool and don't know how to get the hell out!
Well I'm sure I've said to much already but I don't know what to do. I feel a little lost and want to start fresh but can't when I don't know what B wants!! I just wish I could worry about myself first.

Glimpse of the Week

This week has gone by sort of fast for me. Tearoom was crazy on Tuesday because I was the main sanitor and we had a CRAP LOAD of dishes...even Kramer couldn't handle it and dropped a few actually...not a good day for dishes!! Except I got the points taken of for there being too many dishes and not having a sanitor 3. O ya that was my fault becuz it was my idea...AWESOME!
Wednesday was a waste of a day.
Thursday I was a K-prep/Server in Tearoom and for the first time my tables weren't the last ones out or people who didn't understand the concept of it being a "teaching" lab. So for the first time i didn't absolutely hate serving. O one downfall to the day tho was while waiting for my tables to show up 15 ins late. I threw up...I figure it was the coffee on my empty stomach which I haven't had in a while. I'm not sick so I didn't want to tell anyone who would make me leave lab.
Today I was a hard start to the morning but after my afternoon nap I'm ready for work!

O Sidenote-Julianne also hates Johnny along with me and over half of Oelwein...MADE MY THRUSDAY!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This weekend was pretty laid back Friday stayed in and watched Marmaduke. It was a cute ending ever! :) Last night I went to Des Moines and visited Katie. We went to T.G.I.Fridays and ate some really good food. I had the Capitan Morgan Burger it had a pineapple salsa, special Captain Morgan sauce, and avocado! So GOOD!!
I worked every night 4-close which was kinda nice because I was able to go out if I wanted and still have my mornings to get stuff done. Even thought they were spent hanging out and cleaning a little. Well not much more to report for now!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Car!

So after driving my white 1997 Buick Regal for 8 years I have a new car! My mom being the wonderful person she is was nice enough to drive it down here yesterday and then stay the night last night! It was nice! The only time I would have made it home to get it would be 2 weeks from now! This car will do many things for me gain muscle from the manual windows...workout my sides from reaching to manually unlock the doors...and gain patience because it's a 4 cylinder! Ha! :) Well that's my excitement for the past few days! YAY!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

In A Nut Shell

So plans for yesterday were to go to go Maggie's n go out.

How yesterday really turned out--
Work from 6:30-2 com home and shower....
Go to pick up B to go to the with his mom for awhile (Yay I miss her!!)...
Eat El Azteca and feel beyond bloated...
Get beer...go tailgate...go to game...
Go see Cale tailgating after game...
Talk to Maggie and plan to meet at the bars...
Go to Tyler's...go to bars...
Get bounced around by Grant so slamming drinks toooooo fast = drunk to fast...
Meet up with Jen at St. Peppers...
Maggie is there too...See that I clearly should have dressed up and feel like a little outta place...
Realize Jen and grant left...
Not feeling so hot so B is gunna take me home...stop by Pita Pit...get on bus home...finally pass out.

Not quiet what I had planned and a little confused about the whole night.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Little Learning Experiences

So a few things I learned yesterday...

1. I still can't stand beer...sorry can't do it...tried and Failed!
2. Gin & Tonics at Thumbs=pretty good!
3. Haley and Jake are stalkers...well on Facebook anyway.
4. Me and Jess would make a pair becuz we're both light weights...hence the 3 drinks I had last night and was a hot mess.
5. Maggie and I realized we have to be the oldest people in our tearoom class! She's just lucky enough to be done in December.

And last but not least...this morning after waking up, getting ready, driving to the commuter lot, getting on an orange bus, and pulling out my class syllabus......I learned to look at such syllabus before all that becuz my 8am didn't have class! FAIL!! Back to bed for a few more hours before my last class of the week! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Keep on, Keeping on!

Saturday was laid back I worked late then stayed in. I wish I hadn't but I worked on Sunday at 6:30 am! Work Sunday was strange because I was being trained for something I didn't need to be...frustrating!
Anyway finally cooked Salmon patties that I have been craving for the past few days last night for supper! Rented Prince of Persia and watched it with B on his big screen. The movie was alright nothing I have to go buy or anything. Speaking of which I want to go buy the Beauty and the Beast tomorrow (SO EXCITED!!) and get August Rush it's just such a good movie! :) Well back to classes for the day then work tonight.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday Night

Well last night I finally got out of this cave and went out!! Libby and Jay were my bar buddies and we met up with Lexie and her friend Cory. Lexie was a blast and "took me under her wing" as she kept saying because I don't have bar smarts! Rum and coke was a good choice!
It was fun dancing after people showed up around midnight too bad the DJs sucked! I mean who plays "Hey There Delilah" "Shout" and "We Will Rock You"!! Not ok! Good songs just not after midnight at the bars!
Anyway all in all good night! Definitly wish the bars were cheaper but watcha gunna do?! Now it's nap time before work at 4. Peace out!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wow! I totally forgot that on Wednesday I met with a study abroad advisor and figured out a little bit more information on going to IRELAND! I'm so pumped! I was debating on either going this summer and doing my second work study over there or waiting until I graduated then going for a year. I'm thinking that going this summer is a better idea since I will be able to get work in my major. I'm meeting with Dawn either tomorrow in class or Monday to talk to her about it I'm hoping all she has to say is good things about it tho! I'm pretty much set that i'm going! (In my own head anyway!) This is one of my dreams, to go to Ireland, so I hope it all works out!!

Keeping up!

Keeping up on this will be hard but I'm bound to do it! :) So Monday night I went running for the first time since I started my job/did the Kitchen Manager packet! I ran 4 miles pry walked about a 1/2 mile in there. I loved running around the lake north of my apartment. I only wish I knew how far around it was. I need to get running again now that work and classes will slow down.
Tuesdays and Thursdays until next week have been rough only because I have classes from 8am to 3:30pm then work from 4-7or8. They've been long days! No time until sleep! I told them not to schedule me those days next time just to see if it helps with my time to spend on school.
Last night after work I went to B's and gave him a hair cut. He needed one bad and I was glad I could help! SVU was great as always and i didn't see all of the new L&O: LA but it looked to be very good as well. I may have a new show to watch! Whoo 2 shows! :) Well just had a few moments between class and work so I thought I would catch up! Off to work!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working on the Apartment

It's Sunday and I'm not ready for the weekend to be over. I didn't fully get my room put together like I would have liked to, but there's not much left to do. I'm really hoping that my lil sister, B's little sister, and Sammie will be able to figure out a time to come down to visit. My lil sis was not at the wedding she had her senior year homecoming, so I didn't get to see her. Hopefully I won't have to wait until November for her to come. I definitely need to go grocery shopping for more fruit asap! I'm thinking grapes just need to be a staple in my fridge again. They have to be the best snack ever! Well it's 11:11 so it's off to bed for tonight!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Starting Again

Hello again! So I have tried to start this before but got distracted with summer and whatnot, but I am going to try again to write down my thoughts for the day! So here we go! Yesterday was my cousins wedding and it was a blast. Scott (my cousin) and Melissa are a perfect match I'm so happy for them!
It was nice to see not only my large family but even my immediate family. Since my new job has me working a lot of weekends I won't make it home a lot to see them. Hopefully this will change once we have everyone hired and trained.
I worked 4-close today. Now i'm trying to get my apartment in line. B finally got his TV out of the apartment so mine has been moved to the living room. Which is great because now I will be able to go to bed easier. I'm such a TV/Movie junkie at night! Hopefully this helps. Scrambled eggs were for supper. Now it's back to straightening things up. I want to get this in order just in case sometime actually decides they want to see the apartment. I'm hoping I find a roommate before December that's a long time away. I don't mind living alone, but B doesn't need to be paying rent at two places.
Well back to work! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break '10

We just had spring break here at ISU. I didn't go anywhere exciting, but I went to the only place I'd want to be. I went home! I went home mostly to work because they are so short in the kitchen there so I knew I could pick up some extra hours. I ended up working everyday but 1. I don't mind working though because I'm usually working with either my mom or one of my two sisters. Even tho my mom only worked one day and my sisters didn't work at all that week I still get to see my family because my Grandma is staying at the nursing home right now. I'm glad she is there because I get to see her while I'm at work and so I can see her throughout my day. Going home was a nice break but I was still getting up early to take Winny out to potty in the mornings. Winny is my family's new golden retriever puppy. She's adorable!! :) I'm glad I had a little bonding time with her as well. All in all spring break was pretty laid back and yet flew by too quick.