Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wow! I totally forgot that on Wednesday I met with a study abroad advisor and figured out a little bit more information on going to IRELAND! I'm so pumped! I was debating on either going this summer and doing my second work study over there or waiting until I graduated then going for a year. I'm thinking that going this summer is a better idea since I will be able to get work in my major. I'm meeting with Dawn either tomorrow in class or Monday to talk to her about it I'm hoping all she has to say is good things about it tho! I'm pretty much set that i'm going! (In my own head anyway!) This is one of my dreams, to go to Ireland, so I hope it all works out!!

Keeping up!

Keeping up on this will be hard but I'm bound to do it! :) So Monday night I went running for the first time since I started my job/did the Kitchen Manager packet! I ran 4 miles pry walked about a 1/2 mile in there. I loved running around the lake north of my apartment. I only wish I knew how far around it was. I need to get running again now that work and classes will slow down.
Tuesdays and Thursdays until next week have been rough only because I have classes from 8am to 3:30pm then work from 4-7or8. They've been long days! No time until sleep! I told them not to schedule me those days next time just to see if it helps with my time to spend on school.
Last night after work I went to B's and gave him a hair cut. He needed one bad and I was glad I could help! SVU was great as always and i didn't see all of the new L&O: LA but it looked to be very good as well. I may have a new show to watch! Whoo 2 shows! :) Well just had a few moments between class and work so I thought I would catch up! Off to work!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working on the Apartment

It's Sunday and I'm not ready for the weekend to be over. I didn't fully get my room put together like I would have liked to, but there's not much left to do. I'm really hoping that my lil sister, B's little sister, and Sammie will be able to figure out a time to come down to visit. My lil sis was not at the wedding she had her senior year homecoming, so I didn't get to see her. Hopefully I won't have to wait until November for her to come. I definitely need to go grocery shopping for more fruit asap! I'm thinking grapes just need to be a staple in my fridge again. They have to be the best snack ever! Well it's 11:11 so it's off to bed for tonight!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Starting Again

Hello again! So I have tried to start this before but got distracted with summer and whatnot, but I am going to try again to write down my thoughts for the day! So here we go! Yesterday was my cousins wedding and it was a blast. Scott (my cousin) and Melissa are a perfect match I'm so happy for them!
It was nice to see not only my large family but even my immediate family. Since my new job has me working a lot of weekends I won't make it home a lot to see them. Hopefully this will change once we have everyone hired and trained.
I worked 4-close today. Now i'm trying to get my apartment in line. B finally got his TV out of the apartment so mine has been moved to the living room. Which is great because now I will be able to go to bed easier. I'm such a TV/Movie junkie at night! Hopefully this helps. Scrambled eggs were for supper. Now it's back to straightening things up. I want to get this in order just in case sometime actually decides they want to see the apartment. I'm hoping I find a roommate before December that's a long time away. I don't mind living alone, but B doesn't need to be paying rent at two places.
Well back to work! :)