Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break '10

We just had spring break here at ISU. I didn't go anywhere exciting, but I went to the only place I'd want to be. I went home! I went home mostly to work because they are so short in the kitchen there so I knew I could pick up some extra hours. I ended up working everyday but 1. I don't mind working though because I'm usually working with either my mom or one of my two sisters. Even tho my mom only worked one day and my sisters didn't work at all that week I still get to see my family because my Grandma is staying at the nursing home right now. I'm glad she is there because I get to see her while I'm at work and so I can see her throughout my day. Going home was a nice break but I was still getting up early to take Winny out to potty in the mornings. Winny is my family's new golden retriever puppy. She's adorable!! :) I'm glad I had a little bonding time with her as well. All in all spring break was pretty laid back and yet flew by too quick.