Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Weeks View

This what I just experienced last week. Beautiful Puerto Rico! I'm glad I went and had the time of my life! This trip just made me want to travel everywhere now!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puerto Rico...Here I COME!

Hello Folks...exciting news to report!
I am going to Puerto Rico! I say this is unofficial because I have to buy my ticket tonight! Yes that's right no ticket yet. I decided on tuesday that I was goin to go even if it killed me...so this required a lot a fanagaling to get the job done!
First was telling to mom...yep try calling your mother on a tuesday and say "Hey mom I'm leaving to Puerto Rico in one week" She was excited because obviously we've known abotu this trip for awhile...just didn't think I was going. Long story...Anyway...
Second was my license...it's a paper one because I didn't think I was going and forgot that the "real" licenses take awhie to get here now. So that came in the mail today. TODAY people!
Third was my job...yep I was supposed to work the 16th 3:30-cl, 18th train 4-cl, 19th 4-cl, and 20th 4-cl. Went in to work yesterday and switched my training day and found a replacement for that wed (the 16th)...found a replacement today for saturday...and still waiting to see if Kelly might work my sunday...but sunday isn't a curcial day they would need a replacement.
Fourth is my 383 Exam. I called Burger on wednesday because I was just going to go in there at like 10am, but called to make sure that was a good idea...instead he informed me that making an appointment to talk would be best. Well he sented me and appt. requests and it was for friday...umm....so I emailed him back informing him of why I wanted to meet with him and that it involed moving my test...so I will have that formally figured out after class today. The last thing holding me back from buying that ticket is this test!
Wheeeeeew! This has been a hell of a week on top of this excitement! Now it's on to buying a dress and swimsuit!

Sorry about spelling errors was too excited to care! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bring it on!

This is my week...

-Test in AESHM 342
-Lots of homework for AESHM 311

-After classes going to DM to get shirt (that I left at KT's) for the Career Fair

Wednesday (busy Day)
-Class at 9
-Career Fair at 12
-Class at 2
-Work 3:30-8ish

-Study in library all morning for...
-Test in Acct.

-Test in JLMC 220

....in a nutshell. Hope your week is going well. I'm keeping a positive attitude about this week or I'll never make it out alive!

On an unrelated note...a week from today is Valentines Day which will be the first time in 5 years I have been "technically" single! Whoa!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts

Riding the bus to and from campus everyday this week (sometimes 2x's in one day) gave me a lot of time to think on my travels. Here are some of my random bus thoughts for you all to enjoy:

* Personal Hygiene
-This is a requirement for riding the bus. In particularly when you sit next to someone the whole way home even with empty seats open halfway there. Under this category falls things like taking showers, brushing your teeth (and either not yawning your bad breath on me or keeping your breath under control), putting on deodorant, clean clothes are appreciated as well as controlling long hair that is not groomed well.

*Chewing gum
-This is a privilege that is given to responsible well mannered adults. Not douchebags that chew with their mouths open, tongue rolling around making annoying to others. Grow up.

-These are for PERSONAL use ONLY! Headphones were invented so that I don't have to listen to your music selection and I can peacefully listen to mine. Please turn your music down or I will glare at you the whole bus ride and make you as uncomfortable as you are making me!

A lot of those things obviously have to do with the fact I have been riding the bus a lot more lately and observed some things that make me not want to ride it that much anymore. This was just a glimpse of "a ride in the mind of Jennifer". For more random thoughts please feel free to ask I'm usually not to shy about telling people what I'm thinking...once I've been asked.