Friday, May 20, 2011

Being Alone

Being alone makes me wonder:

Who do you call at the end of your day to unload?
What do you plan your day around?
Where's your shoulder to cry on?
When are you able to stop holding everything in?
How do you honestly get through a day?

These are the questions going through my head right now. I'm so lost it's unbearable. I feel alone when i don't have someone to talk to. That's all I want! Just someone who will know me inside and out and talk about my days with. That's all I've ever wanted! I want to be put first for once...I want to be someone else's number one.

I guess when you've never had to do this since probably around 7th's a hard thing to do.Especially when it's been the same person since you were 17.

Here's another thing that's bothering me--How come guys can't have friends that are girls? I don't understand what goes on inside a guys head so I'll never get that, but also if there are some guys...then y can't other guys trust them...whatever....I'm over it!

I'll blog later about my exoerience at the Craker Barrel today...that was a first for me!