Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Been Awhile

This semester is flying by me. I keep telling myself to get on the ball becuz once spring break gets here I will be completely worthless as usual! :) I like my classes ( I say at as if I had a choice on what to really take) my classes are basically whatever i have left in HRI to graduate next May.
A lot has happened already this semester. (Besides me putting away my x-mas tree that is still hanging out in our apt.)

Last weekend I went out Friday night for the first time this semester with Izzy (and her bf n friend), Julianne, Mitchell, and B (of course). It was fun. I go to Sips a lot more becuz B's roommate is the manager n a bartender...which means I get awesome drinks and know people there. I also love to dance and love dancing there even early like when nobody is there becuz I have the whole dance floor to myself! :) Julianne drove us home which was much appreciated that night! Thanks to you again!!

Saturday after working I went to Des Moines to visit Katie. We went and saw Olivia at Brian n Nicole's which was nice becuz then I had her all to myself and got to play with her a lot! :) After that we got dressed up and went out to eat at some Brewery I can't remember the name of downtown. Eric n Staci came to meet us and we sat there talking until about 11:30 (which is waaaay past my current bed time of about 10pm). It was awesome just talking to them and seeing Staci's baby bump! :) We attempted to go to a few bars but got to cold and tired so that'll be another adventure some night.

My mom came down yesterday with a dresser from home for KT so I drove down behind her and stayed there again last night. It was great becuz mom made her Chicken Tetrazzini...YUM! We carried in the dresser n I kinda helped mom sand and paint it a little before I had to leave this morning.

In other news Jodi n I have resigned our lease and will be roommates again next year which is great. I have finally gotten my room clean which has been on the list of things to do since before break (Yes I know I'm sure Jodi was just as embarrassed as I was). I have also bought Zumba which has only led to Jodi and I procrastinating even more with the Wii. (Also Party Games, and Mario Kart are not helping the situation).

All in all it's been a good semester so far and have no complaints. Hopefully that will be the trend and keep going!

O I almost forgot to mention that Tuesday...after I left the MU becuz on the tv the were talking about banning texting and walking in big cities....I was texting while waking to Mackay and KICKED A SQUIRREL...yes you just read that...I didn't see him and kicked him...pretty sure it scared the crap outta both of us!

So keep ur eyes up for the sake of those squirrels on campus who do not move outta the way!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year Same Shit

So yes it's a new year yet I'm still dealing with the past becuz I'm still in college. Let me explain...NEVER start out at a community college unless you have ur shit together! Either you are going there for a program (such as Dental Hygienist or Occupational Thearpy Assistant) that I understand. I will NEVER tell someone to go get their gen eds there every again unless they know where they wanna go next or what they wanna do for sure. It is not cheaper becuz you end up at a four year anyway or in one of those programs so there's already some years on top of ur 2 years. O lets not forget I went for 2 f-ing years and still didn't have my AA becuz I asked 4 f-ing times to meet with a type of advisor and they kept telling me I couldn't becuz I don't know what I wanted to do (duh y I need the help f-ers) I finally met with one to see if I could finish in one more semester and she was a bitch becuz I had to pretend I wanted to do something medical to see her becuz my roommate was her assistant and got me the appointment. Hawkeye sucks!! Lets see some other facts....o ok so I let there 17 credits shy of my AA (one semester basically) becuz I wanted to do Dietetics so everyone I talked to just said fuck the AA and go get ur bachelors which doesn't require the AA....NOT TRUE BITCHES!! I get here and o ya I have taken Anatomy and Physiology at Hawkeye....but ya that doesn't count and I would have had to retake it becuz o ya you didn't get ur AA so it didn't count! R u f-ing kindding me....So there went Dietetics becuz fuck if I'm going to retake that shit for a major I wasn't happy with in the first place. Also who the fuck would put a student in Chem 177 and 178 that hasn't had Chem since junior year of high school (need I remind you I went 2 years at Hawkeye before this) that's right my advisor. So I crapped all over Dietetics before I could even enjoy the classes that are in that major basically becuz the bullshit of college and that f-ing classes the make you take.
On to my next issue with college...o ya i also to a Western Civ class from this f-ing Russian guy at Hawkeye, but you think that will count towards anything without my guessed it! So I'm repaying for classes I already took at Hawkeye here at ISU....not only am I gettting charged an arm and a leg for these classes...Hawkeye already took the other arm and leg years ago so pretty much throwing me in a year out into the big pond of life is just going to drown me becuz I have any arms or legs to swim with.....thanks Fuckers!!!

--This message was brought to you by and angry college students sick of dealing with the bullshit of college.