Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puerto Rico...Here I COME!

Hello Folks...exciting news to report!
I am going to Puerto Rico! I say this is unofficial because I have to buy my ticket tonight! Yes that's right no ticket yet. I decided on tuesday that I was goin to go even if it killed this required a lot a fanagaling to get the job done!
First was telling to mom...yep try calling your mother on a tuesday and say "Hey mom I'm leaving to Puerto Rico in one week" She was excited because obviously we've known abotu this trip for awhile...just didn't think I was going. Long story...Anyway...
Second was my's a paper one because I didn't think I was going and forgot that the "real" licenses take awhie to get here now. So that came in the mail today. TODAY people!
Third was my job...yep I was supposed to work the 16th 3:30-cl, 18th train 4-cl, 19th 4-cl, and 20th 4-cl. Went in to work yesterday and switched my training day and found a replacement for that wed (the 16th)...found a replacement today for saturday...and still waiting to see if Kelly might work my sunday...but sunday isn't a curcial day they would need a replacement.
Fourth is my 383 Exam. I called Burger on wednesday because I was just going to go in there at like 10am, but called to make sure that was a good idea...instead he informed me that making an appointment to talk would be best. Well he sented me and appt. requests and it was for I emailed him back informing him of why I wanted to meet with him and that it involed moving my I will have that formally figured out after class today. The last thing holding me back from buying that ticket is this test!
Wheeeeeew! This has been a hell of a week on top of this excitement! Now it's on to buying a dress and swimsuit!

Sorry about spelling errors was too excited to care! :)

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