Saturday, September 25, 2010

Starting Again

Hello again! So I have tried to start this before but got distracted with summer and whatnot, but I am going to try again to write down my thoughts for the day! So here we go! Yesterday was my cousins wedding and it was a blast. Scott (my cousin) and Melissa are a perfect match I'm so happy for them!
It was nice to see not only my large family but even my immediate family. Since my new job has me working a lot of weekends I won't make it home a lot to see them. Hopefully this will change once we have everyone hired and trained.
I worked 4-close today. Now i'm trying to get my apartment in line. B finally got his TV out of the apartment so mine has been moved to the living room. Which is great because now I will be able to go to bed easier. I'm such a TV/Movie junkie at night! Hopefully this helps. Scrambled eggs were for supper. Now it's back to straightening things up. I want to get this in order just in case sometime actually decides they want to see the apartment. I'm hoping I find a roommate before December that's a long time away. I don't mind living alone, but B doesn't need to be paying rent at two places.
Well back to work! :)

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