Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am officially CPR Certified thanks to my job. :) At first I was the only one taking the class and then Kyrstle showed up which was nice becuz I already know her and it wasn't as awkward when we had to practice the choking procedures on each other. At least it flew by in 2 hours instead of 3 and I'm am done with it.
Tearoom was uneventful today but I'm sure it's becuz I was a table server. WAIT I lied we made up the 12 days of Tearoom song!! It goes as follows:

12-Monster Cookies
11-Lemon Wedges
10- Naked Flavors
9- Broken Teapots
8- Table servers
7- Preset Salads
6- People at a table
4- K-preps
3- Sanitors
2- Merit Workers
1-Well this ones a little confusing...as for the customers they will hear--And a Charlie Brown Dessert Buffet...Us in the class will secretly be singing something a lot less nice!!
I guess we were pretty productive before the doors opened.

Well not much left to say today hope I can get all my homework done!! :)

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