Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nucking Futz...Black Friday

Holy crapazoli!! I decided to drive home Thursday after work and got to Oelwein around 9ish. Then decided to go shopping at 3am with mom and grandpa. Since I knew that when I got home I decided to just stay up...I tried to lay down a couple of times and wasn't tired enough or knew I would pass out and have to get up in 30 mins! So 3:30 came g-pa pulled up and my n mom jumped in! Off to waterloo we Walmart first. We get to Walmart and of course they're a crock of poop and gave their tickets for items out before 5am or put out their 30 waffle makers before 5am. So I waited next to 2 portable DVD players for 20 mins then decided I needed one since I stood there for that long (no i don't need one!) and walked away with 3of them and a travel bag for me! Wheew this aggressive shopping thing brings out the worst in me! Walmart was done and lame so off to Menards where I stood outside in line for 38 mins...20 of which were spent in just a sweatshirt until mom got outta the car and brought me my coat...ya I was a little excited! Menards was NUTS it was a legit free for all! IT WAS AWESOME!! So of course I'm the type of person that gets all anxious in large groups of people and I'm claustrophobic so I'm moving pretty quickly to get our stuff together and get the heck outta there. Yep we finally find the line for the check out...Pretty sure we budged a little to get in it. We wound our way all the way back and forth through the store until about an hour later we were outta there! Now the sun was up and it was about 7:20.
We drove through Mcdees and got home around 8:15. I got in my jammies took out my contacts and passed the fuck out! Woke up around 1pm along with Steph who just went to Pamida in town with dad for a few things at 6am and was asleep by 7am. We got up and she wanted to workout so we went to the wellness center and ran, did some crunches, and I even got to shoot some hoops! That felt pretty good and made me miss playing basketball! :(
It was nice being home Steph went with me later to eat with Grandma which was nice. Slept with Steph and about died becuz her heater was on like over 70 degrees which meant that mixed with our sleeping bodies heating the room made it like feel like 112 degrees in there!! Woke up at 7am and about died of heat exhaustion. Slept in mom's room from 9:30-11 then finally got up today. Got ready and went and saw Steph working n g-ma at the same time kinda nice how that works out. Left with mom and dad for waterloo around 1 today and ate at Wendy's with them. Drove back to Ames and got here 20 mins before I had to work...perfect timing.
Now I'm procrastinating my homework even more by writing this which took longer than it should i'm tired and work at 6:30am tomorrow so Nuh-nite people!!

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