Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holy Crap What a Day!!

If you are in tearoom then you know what day I am talking about in my title. Yes this is of course last Thursday!! I went from zero to 10 in about 2 seconds I think about 200 times that day. Let me recap for you.....

That morning I'm riding the bus with my lovely roommate Jodi and we had to wait for the train so the bus had to go a different way to make up the time. Not worried about being late for the 380 test...I feel it is impossible to be late for that class...Anyway!

Get to class feeling pretty confident take my test...of course the second one done...i kinda hate being such a fast test taker yet I have developed a bad habit that once more than like 3 people finish before me i tend to freak out and go faster even tho I wasn't intentionally going fast in the first place! Ugh!! So the test went fine scored ok all was good....

After class I went downstairs as usual and ate my yogurt and granola and chatted it up...Maggie came by to get ready for class and was talking to me about the certification exam I have in HRI 101 so I turned to her and said yep all I need is a pencil and this sheet (as I opened the book to show her the scantron sheet I would need)..FREAK OUT MODE---IT'S NOT THERE! Yep I'm panicking already because I have only taken the book two places besides the class and my apt and have never even touched it becuz I was scared to lose it! So trying to stay level headed I'm just like o the book store will have new books I'll just buy a new one in the HOUR break I have before the test.

So in tearoom I’m a little hazey and confused all day becuz I’m thinking of that stupid piece of paper I don’t have. Zach, noticing that I’m in that funk, keeps telling me it’ll be fine stop worrying and cheer up. I did cheer up a little bit after I ate my cold food becuz of those stupid pies! My mood did get much better just becuz of that I love food! Anyway…

After tearoom I booked it like hell to the MU and sure enough NOTHING THERE! So over to the campus bookstore with no hope left in me…yep she goes to the used section and I’m like “NO it HAS to be new to have the sheet I NEED!” –“O all we’d have are used ones”. Of course being the emotionally wreck I usually am I just break down right there. Get me bag through the tears and walk out.

I call B to see if he might have found it as his place (One of the two places I had the book attempting to study before the test the night before) and he says no, but will come pick me up to run me home and look for it. It’s now about 1:25 (test at 2:10). He comes we fly home, while I’m bawling my freaking eyes out the whole time!! There’s more to that reason if you want to know you can ask me in person. So we get here and run in the apt and are looking for 2 second and B goes “OMG! I saw a bubble sheet somewhere the other day….” Me-“WHERE THE HELL IS IT??!!” B-“In my living room!” So it now being 1:45 I’m freaking out. We call Cale his old roommate from 2 years ago that now lives across the hall and he not only goes in and finds it…He DROVE it to the MU to us and then B drove me around campus and I walked it to take my test at 2:08! HOLY CRAP! What a freaking day!! My eyes are so sore I feel like I had been hit by a bus and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep the rest of the day away!

Well I went home got in some jammies put on a blanket and my snuggie and took a nap! I didn’t want to move the rest of the day in fear of something else going wrong!!

So for all of you wondering Yes, I got my sheet and took my test! Now I hope I freaking passed it after all that!!!

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