Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Like I stated when I started this again I am terrible at keeping up with this blogging thing! :) SO as usual a lot has happened! This week Steph had her college visit to good ol' ISU!! She got to experince the nicest people in the world here at ISU the same way I did when I used to visit B before I became an actual student here. We drove to the commuter lot and got on the 23 orange to Mackay so I could finish my Maitre d'Hotel packet and she could write her comp. paper. We get of at Mackay and as soon as we step foot on the curb by Mackay Steph says "my phone!" and then we turn and watch the bus pull away. AWESOME! She's half expecting me to go running after it which isn't happening, but being the good sister I am I call Cyride and tell them that the bus that's now pry at the library should have a lost blackberry on it. They told me to call back later and see if anybody turns it in. SO for the next hour n a half all i hear about is how Steph's life is on that phone and she isn't going to be able to live without it...while i'm writing my summary for my packet and finishing up costing with Ashley. She's all distraught and complaining until she gets a text on my phone from her friend back home that says "someone has steph's phone and she needs to call it to get it back". Now she's thrilled and I of course call whoever has it and they are in the dorms on campus and will bring the phone to Mackay for her. Then it hit Steph that her phone was completely dead to the point it wouldn't turn on and would have had to be charged to make the phone calls she did! So some girl found her phone either had the same charger or found someone that did and charged it to find the owner! HOW AWESOME!! So that pretty much sold my little sister on how nice people can be here at ISU and she should totally come here. I told here that is what sold me on my decision. I lost my phone here once and didn't know it until my dad was calling my bf to tell me to call someone to get it back! People can be so nice sometimes!

Big Change for me is......I now have a ROOMMATE!! Hell yeeeaa! Jodi as moved in and I'm happy! :) Now it's getting used to having a roommate...No more walking around in my underwear! :D

Well now that I've said that I'll leave you with that scarring image! ;)

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