Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Not-so-Break

This so called break isn't really a break for me. Yes there isn’t any classes but I’m still working a lot and am unable to go home becuz of it! My extended family only gets together 3 times a year…Easter, Thanksgiving, and X-mas. So of course I’m a little sad by this. I’m not quiet sure if everyone will be there this year tho. My cousins are getting older and starting their own families so pretty soon we will probably not be having the holidays with my extended family. This crazy to think of to me even tho all my cousins are around their 30’s (but just got married). There are 5 cousins on my mom’s O’Hara side, 3 Hemesath boys and 2 O’Hara boys. The 3 Hemesath boy are NOW all married (two just this last summer) and the O’Hara boys have promising girlfriends. Brian is the oldest Hemesath boy and he has a daughter, Olivia, that will be one in January. This is my grandparents first great grandbaby.

I feel that we still get together as a big family becuz of my grandparents. If it was their choice we would get together for everything. The Hemesath family lives in Hudson, the O’Hara’s in Waterloo (close to Hudson actually) and our family still lives in Oelwein with my grandparents. This is why to me they are like second parents. Wow I should just stop now or I will be going on forever about my grandparents. Here just a little about them they just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on October 24th. They dated since age 16 tho so really they’ve been together for over 60 years. Crazy, yet my parents are the same way. Dated at age 16 and celebrated their 26th anniversary on October 26th. Yep see why there a little pressure to try and make it work with my ex boyfriend of 6 years!! Also my little sister is dating her boyfriend (which they are the exact months apart me and B are apart) and they’ve been together for almost 2 years now. Now that’s crazy! Anyway…

I’m usually the person that goes home asap and want to spend as much time with my family especially my grandparents and yet I’m stuck here alllllllll of break and it’s not looking promising to make it home before school is done for the semester. I feel as if I might be taking a few days off and hauling it home to make up some lost time on this break! J Well hopefully you are all having a lovely break and come back ready for finals becuz I know I am already!

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