Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm sickums and of course I hate it. I woke up Saturday with a really bad sore throat, so since I knew there was no way I should go into work with this and spread it...I called the doctor to have a strep test becuz Steph had strep the last time I was home. They took 2 swabs and gave me antibiotic to start taking soooo there goes my two last days of work before break. ugh...better that way than me there tho...I'd be pissed if I knew someone back home came to work like this a spread it to my G-ma.
So I've been chillin' at the apt attempting to pack and clean my room...and it's just not happening. I have nooooo energy and now it's snowy out so I should wait to drive home til tomorrow. Well I hope you all are having a good break...once the 23rd gets here I'll be very happy! :) Happy Holidays ya'll!

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