Thursday, December 16, 2010

How's your day going?

Woke up at 6 without my alarm...that's ready...brushed off my car and drove Jodi n I to our HRI 380...Finished final at 7:54...took Orange 23 bus to commuter lot...decided to go to Panera and get my "free" latte...Not so free because I then got in a minor car accident with a bitchy 59 year old lady...who ruined my day! It was an accident! straight up! Had she NOT laid on her horn I would have clearly made it into the lane in front of her and been on my way but she did and I panicked...breaks went on and smash...O how I hate that sound! I get out to ask her if she's ok...she's already on the phone with the cops not talking to me...then she turns and says "I'm going to be late for my Doctors appt." I apologized up and down trying to be nice...she turns to me again and says "I was honking....didn't you hear me OR WAS YOUR MUSIC TO LOUD?" I about died right there...I know I don't look 23 but r u fucking kidding me! I looked at her and said "NO I WASN'T!" and got in my car to wait for the cop (which was very lovely and nice!) Anyway the accident was $300 damage that's what she was mad about...I officially have changed my views on the elderly...Screw you! if you are going to be a bitter old person then go ahead and be bitter and die by yourself in a nursing home becuz nobody will come visit you becuz ur a jerk! I would have totally understood if there wasn't snow...I totally cut her off on purpose...of if I was snotty to her but I wasn't. She even turned to the cop and complained about the doctors and he didn't even want to deal with her. The only little bit of karma she had was that even tho she was free to leave she COULDN'T becuz I had her blocked in while the cop talked to me for 10 mins! HA!
So I got home finally had to practice a presentation for about 30 mins. Showered...running B gave me a ride back to campus becuz I really didn't want to drive...I go to get out of his car AND all the snow from the top of the door falls on me...B just says "Soooo how's ur day going?" Laughed it off...that was the icing on the cake! Wiped off the snow and went on to my presentation I had to give. Got there and we are now told our teacher that is 10 mins late isn't going to make it until 1pm because she has gotten into an accident too! Glad to see I wasn't the only one today! Kinda made me a little happy inside...once I found out she was ok!
So if you think you've had a bad day come join me tonight for some hardcore relaxation! I hope your day was better than mine and if you went to class and made it home safely then it had to have been! :)

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