Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On My Mind

Well time is just flying by! It's already Wednesday night! Yay! I'm am so excited for the weekend because I am going home!! I haven't been home since school has started which means I haven't actually been home in a little over 2 months! That's crazy because if i could I would go home every other weekend just to say hi! I'm glad tho that we had my cousins wedding in September so I got to see them at least!

Tomorrow I am the Maitre d' Hotel in tearoom and I'm kinda nervous because I hate serving AND I'm scared I will freak out on the little helper lady because when you understand what you're doing you don't want to be told to do something seconds before you were just going to do it! Wheeew! Anyway...on another note this merchandising class will be the death of me! Fashion majors are waaaaaaay to stuck up for my taste! Just sayin'!

So me n B are in limbo pretty much...we both know we'll never work as of right now, but we still love each other and don't know life without the other one! Yep confusing I know!! :)

Well since I have touched on about everything going through my head right now, I better get to printing off my packed for tomorrow!

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