Friday, October 8, 2010

Little Learning Experiences

So a few things I learned yesterday...

1. I still can't stand beer...sorry can't do it...tried and Failed!
2. Gin & Tonics at Thumbs=pretty good!
3. Haley and Jake are stalkers...well on Facebook anyway.
4. Me and Jess would make a pair becuz we're both light weights...hence the 3 drinks I had last night and was a hot mess.
5. Maggie and I realized we have to be the oldest people in our tearoom class! She's just lucky enough to be done in December.

And last but not least...this morning after waking up, getting ready, driving to the commuter lot, getting on an orange bus, and pulling out my class syllabus......I learned to look at such syllabus before all that becuz my 8am didn't have class! FAIL!! Back to bed for a few more hours before my last class of the week! :)

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