Friday, October 22, 2010

Glimpse of the Week

This week has gone by sort of fast for me. Tearoom was crazy on Tuesday because I was the main sanitor and we had a CRAP LOAD of dishes...even Kramer couldn't handle it and dropped a few actually...not a good day for dishes!! Except I got the points taken of for there being too many dishes and not having a sanitor 3. O ya that was my fault becuz it was my idea...AWESOME!
Wednesday was a waste of a day.
Thursday I was a K-prep/Server in Tearoom and for the first time my tables weren't the last ones out or people who didn't understand the concept of it being a "teaching" lab. So for the first time i didn't absolutely hate serving. O one downfall to the day tho was while waiting for my tables to show up 15 ins late. I threw up...I figure it was the coffee on my empty stomach which I haven't had in a while. I'm not sick so I didn't want to tell anyone who would make me leave lab.
Today I was a hard start to the morning but after my afternoon nap I'm ready for work!

O Sidenote-Julianne also hates Johnny along with me and over half of Oelwein...MADE MY THRUSDAY!!

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