Friday, March 11, 2011

Last Night in a Nutshell

So as requested by Jake here are my "thoughts" on last night.

Yesterday started with Beverages class...having a good time in class...just at the point where I realize it's hitting me hard...I get handed the 5th bottle to open....Awesome! It took everything I had to not make it obvious that I was getting drunk. Opening that bottle was a great accomplishment in itself! So class gets over and I'm tanked. I haven't drank for 2 weeks....and I'm ALWAYS a light weight anyway.

B picked me up and we ate at Cocos which was all a little fuzzy. Then we went to Cyclone Liquors and went to the wine tasting for class...where we talked to Cale -(he works there thank god! I might need him to refresh me on some of the wine I tasted!) Then I came back home and showered and got ready to go out...which required me to finish an old bottle of wine in my fridge and play Wario Smooth Moves for a little bit. While Jodi laughed at how dumb this game is! :)

B picked me up after his meeting and we picked up Grant and headed to "the bars" aka Sips of course! We got a beer tower for B ad Grant and I got a new mug with a Long Island in it. My first Long Island actually.

When we first get there one girl from a few of my classes is there celebrating her 21st. Her friend is at the bar getting a mug...and of COURSE this girl at the bar knows B because he goes to perfect games with Cale and she works there or something I don't really know or really care....anyway...they talk or whatever blah blah blah! So were at our table and I'm standing next to B while he's sitting down...and Grants on his other side. I have leaned in at this point for numerous kisses and hugs from B...Lets just say it's obvious he's here with me at this point...anyway...we re-situated and Mitch showed up (B's other friend) and now Me n B are across from each other and Grants to my right and Mitch is to my left.

Me and Grant are having a lovely conversation. B is bouncing around from bar to table...but finally sits down for awhile...This BROAD has the balls to walk to to B and start not only talking to him but touch his arm n I turn my attention to glaring her down dramatically...Grant notices but keeps talking as to not make it seem like that's what I'm doing...but I'm being drunkenly obvious and I hold up my hand and tell him to hold on I'm busy....So I continue to glare her of right now Grant's terrified and glad...terrified I'm gunna jump across the table and glad there's a beer tower in the middle of it in my way! :) So she finally walks away and I'm beyond jealous drunk gf stage...BUT me and Grant continue talking until they decide to go play some pool. We go over there and I had to pee so I go and run into Lacey--the Birthday girl from my class--n we go get her a shot (after peeing of course) at the bar from Tom. She said they're going to Cy's for pitchers. I tried to tell her to talk to Melvin, who's the manager there...but she's 11 sheets to the wind and can't quite understand me to I'm like lets tell ur friends...who does she run me over to but that girl! So i'm trying to save face and told her to talk to Melvin when they get to Cy's because he's the manager...THIS BITCH turns around and is like "why? Doesn't he work here?"...I'm like "No he used to but now he manages Cy's." She then Flips her hair and give me the cold shoulder. So I buy Lacey her shot and go on my way. Even tho at this point I'm to drunk to care and want to throw the bitch to the ground.

Anyway my whole point to this story is here are my feelings about this....
Anger-because I wanna kill her.
Frustration- because I don't know where me n B are actually. which means I don't wanna ruin this for him if she really likes him...but I WANT HIM and he's mine bitch! Which I'm not scared to show if I know that's what B wants.
Pissed off- beacuse I know she just did that to piss me of...ya I know it worked!

Whatever the whole thing pisses me off because girls are dumb that's it end of story! WHY did she do piss me off. Ya well what she really did, unbeknownst to her, was give Bradley a false sense of-O I can be single and get girls I don't need Jen and that relationship crap. Awesome! Thanks a lot bitch! So here's where I am stuck between either were together or were not there's no more just we are what we are because I'm getting the crap end of this deal! I didn't know when he's going out every weekend meeting chicks n acting completely single (boys are just as dumb) You can't have both.
So yep there ya thoughts and feelings for today...well ya there's also that feeling of death...the actual thing not feeling like it...that comes along with your first long island...which for the record I finished outta my new mug!

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