Sunday, March 27, 2011

5K-I Think I Can...I Think I Can!!

I decided on March 24th (last Thursday) that I'm going to run a 5K on April 9th!! Whoo!
This required me to run 1.5 miles that day and my first whole 3 today! I ran my whole 3 miles in almost exactly 30 mins...and I walked pry 1/2 the last mile! So I have a feeling I'll be definitely ready for the 5K on the 9th!
That weekend I'm driving home after classes on Friday at 3...Visiting with G-ma...probably catching up with Jenny before running in the morning...going to bed early...then Race Day! On Saturday I'll run at 8:30 am then chill for a little while maybe get a nap in...then drive back to Ames...get ready and go to work! WHEW! It's gunna be a long haul that day! :) Can't Wait!

On another subject...I have an interview at the Hilton Garden Inn with the Banquet Coordinator! This is super exciting to me because it would be a different job than I've done before! Also the location is close to my sister's apartment in Des Moines! :)

So wish me luck on my new adventures and good luck to ya'll on yours!!


  1. So how did your interview go? Also, thanks for following my blog! Looking forward to more of your post!

  2. I got the job and start in May as a Banquet Captain. :) Couldn't be happier!